Carousel curiositas is a nonsensical phrase that I made up, with the help of a muse. In my imagination, there is a decrepit carousel with strange beasts for seats, twinkling lights and a slightly warped, but beautiful melody warbling out of its speakers. If one of these creatures should happen to blink, I wouldn’t be surprised. And if the one under your very bottom should meander off of its never-ending loop?!…Surely, it would gallop you away to a water-colored land of wonder, mystery, oddities and exquisite charm.

Curiositas is latin for curiosity (surprise!). I chose this word because it is the root of so much that I love, and because it is a nod to another of my favorite things–binomial nomenclature. It also looks like it means “little curiosities” in Spanish, which I extra love. The phrase ‘curiouser and curiouser’ from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was one of my many inspirations, and is something I exclaim regularly in the constant narration of my life. For reasons yet unbeknownst to me, I seem to have parallel energies with this piece of literature, as its symbols, archetypes and general ridiculousness tends to crop up frequently.

I am an avid gatherer of tidbits. I love to learn and I especially love to share what I’m interested in, which is why this blog was born. I am currently a student of a delightful little college which sits nestled in an enchanted forest, where I am allowed to study all manner of amazing things. Natural history and botany are my primary subjects, but it is a liberal arts school (emphasis on the liberal), so I tend to dabble. As such, I’ve decided to give this space over to whatever catches my attention long enough to fascinate me or to that which I simply want people to know about.

Thank you for reading what I’ve written and partaking in these mental treats with me! I hope you like them.


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